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PCB Design Advantages

Professional Design Team

More than 100 design engineers;

Average design experiences 6 years;

37% design engineers more than 10 years;

92% Bachelor

High design quality process

Strict design review system;

Strict quality system process;

Zero error rate quality requirements;

Leading the design experience of advanced technology

well-known Telecom company(HW) design experiences;

familiar with High speed design more than 10G;

familiar with High Voltage design;

  familiar with High density board design;

  familiar with EMC design.

High-difficulty design

More than 90000pin design experience;

HDI/Any layer PCB design;

3D PCB design;

RF design;

56G high-speed design;

5G relative product design;

INTEL reference design.

Design Capability

  • 1The Maximum design scale: 90000pin+

  • 2The Maximum BGA number: 100+

  • 3The Minimum VIA:4mil

  • 4The Maximum BGA Pin number:3647 pin

  • 1The Maximum design layers: 42 layers

  • 2The Minimum width of traces: 1.9mil

  • 3The Minimum pitch of BGA:0.3MM

  • 4The Highest speed signal:56G

The design experiences of silicon



Intel:  Purley   Haswell platform   Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge Series

Shark  Bay Mobile Platform

Marvell:  PXA920/920H Series   Xelerated series      

ARM ADA1000/1500   98CX8129/8297

Qualcomm/SPRD/MTK Mobile:  MSM86XX / 82XX / 76XX  

SC9610 / 8810 / 6820   MT6573 / 6575 / 6577/ 6589

Freescale PowerPC Series:   MPC8541 / 8548 / 8555 / 8641   P2020

TI: AM35X / 38X   OMAP4430 / P3505   66AK2EX   C667X   TMX320C

ADI: TS101/201   ADUCM3027/3029



Xilinx: Spartan-6    Spartan®-6    Artix-7    Kintex-7   Virtex- 7    Virtex-ultrascale

Virtex5    Zynq-7

Altera: Stratix Series    Arria Series   Cyclone series   MAX Series


Lattice: MachX03 Series   MachX02 Series



Samsung:  DDR4   DDR3   DDR2

Hynix: DDR4   DDR3   DDR2

Elpida: DDR3   DDR2

Mircon: DDR4   DDR2   DDR3

Mircon: DDR4   DDR2   DDR3

Cypress: CY7C1510   CY7C1565 CY7C25XXB

PCB design process