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Linkytech Electronics provides an extensive range of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing and EMC consultancy services, from pre-compliance to full EMC testing. Using our on-site test facility we can help you ensure that your product or installation is compliant with industry specific EMC standards for legislative, national and international approvals.


During 2018 we have invested 15Million RMB into brand new EMC testing equipment ensuring that we have the latest technology that is currently available on the market.

Many of ourclients use our services:

• To evaluate their design during development, thus reducing the likelihood of having to redesign their product to meet CE requirements.

• To provide assurance that minor modifications to previously accredited equipment has not affected compliance.

• As part of their ongoing quality assurance programme.

Why not contact Linkytech Electronics to discuss your CE requirements. Whether your preference is to deliver the equipment to our facility and leave the testing to us or whether you would rather be on-hand yourself, you can be assured of a service which is both cost-effective and professional.

Our EMC Testing service is extremely competitive on price taking into account the particular needs of small and medium sized companies.


CEMarking by Self Certification:

Often seen ascomplicated, the method is in fact quite simple. Our service covers a fullseries of tests, within the scope of the Linkytech Electronics testfacilities, on a single item, to the relevant standards. Investigations intothe possible cause(s) of non-compliance will be carried out if appropriate andsuggestions may be offered regarding corrective action. However, if significantexperimentation and retest is involved or if the tests cannot be completedwithin one working day, further charges may be incurred.